Fashion Post COVID19

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal called No More Sweatpants: What We'll Wear Post-Pandemic by Jacob Gallagher and Rory Satran (linked here if you have a WSJ account) asking influential individuals what they are most looking forward to wearing after quarantine! I found it so interesting and fun to read so I thought I would share what I am most looking forward to wearing!

The article also talked about what people predict fashion will be like after COVID19. I will share what my key takeaways from those responses were here too! I found it so interesting because a lot of people had the same thoughts. But if you have a WSJ account makes sure you check out the article too! It’s a great read!

First I’ll share what I am most looking forward to wearing:

1. Blazers, blazers, blazers! I love a good blazer, so I am looking forward to wearing those type of outfits! In the outfit pictured in this post I have one of my go to white blazers from Loft. I don't have the exact blazer, but I linked some Loft blazers here.

2. Super cute pair of jeans. These are from Madewell (linked here), and are my favorite for spring/summer. I sometimes wear jeans at home, but eventually I end up changing to something like yoga pants or joggers later.

3. Heels! Tennis shoes are great and all, but I have always been a heels kind of gal! My most cherished pair are my Louboutin shoes, but these white ones from Zara in the picture are adorable too. These are last season, but I linked similar Zara shoes here.

Overall I am just looking forward to being able to put together and wear a cute, more dressed up, outfit again and spend face to face time with friends and family!

The article in WSJ also asked people what they thought the trends would be after COVID19. Everyone had great answers but in general the following trends were brought up:

1. People will care more about quality and how an item is made. Fast fashion and disposable fashion will be out. Having a few staple quality pieces that will last years will be what most people will want. People will care about how items are being made and if they are being made ethically and sustainably. I love this trend. Prior to COVID19 we saw fashion moving towards sustainability, but it is likely that COVID19 will accelerate that movement.

2. While people will be eager to get out of their sweats, they still won’t necessarily want to put those tight work pants or jeans on all day. So likely things like elastic waist bands and stretchy comfy fits will be incorporated into jeans and dress pants. I personally am very much looking forward to this trend and will be fully on board!

3. In the article people mentioned a few times how fashion changed after previous tragic events in history. For example after WWI the roaring 20's happened and people wanted to dress up more often than not because they had been deprived of that for so long. So we saw tuxedos and fur coats, and flashy dresses. So the prediction is people may want to dress up or opt for the finer designer clothes more often than the joggers or casual tees. While I am sucker for a casual tee, I do love to dress up so I am looking forward to this as well!

Again if you have a WSJ membership check out the article for way more details and insights, it is worth the read! These are just what my takeaways from the article were.

What are you most looking forward to wearing once things are back to normal? What trends do you think we will see in fashion?

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Amanda B.

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