Girlfriend Collective

The sustainable active wear brand that is cute, colorful and kind to the earth!

I've talked about this brand many times but I wanted to post about it because it really is so special! I thought what better time to post about a sustainable brand than Earth Day (or the day before)!

I want to first share with you about the brand and how they are sustainable and then I'll share my favorite pieces from this brand!


Their clothing is made in a sustainable manner using environmentally safe dyes and recycled materials, including recycled water bottles, to make the fabric.

Their Compressive Leggings and their bras are made from 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex. Their leggings are made from 25 recycled post-consumer bottles and their bras are made from 11! So cool!

Something unique about this sustainable brand is they have so many different

beautiful colors. It is hard to dye clothes in a sustainable manner but they have figured out a great method! Their fabric is dyed with eco-friendly dyes and the wastewater is cleaned and cooled before being released. They then donate the dye mud to a pavement facility where it’s RECYCLED into sidewalks and roads. I mean, that's just AMAZING!

The packaging you receive their clothes in is also 100% recyclable and they come in reusable a pouch that is also made from recycled polyester.

They have really thought of everything!

Not only are they sustainable but they are 100% transparent. You can easily find all the information above on their website and then some! They disclose where they manufacture and why and they disclose the safety of the manufacturing facility!

I also absolutely love that they celebrate all body types and all women regardless of age, shape, size, etc. That is in their marketing and in their sizing too! For example their leggings come in size XXS through 6XL. And they offer different inseams too! Their bras are sized in a similar way. And might I add they are actually SUPPORTIVE and provide coverage for us ladies who may need a little extra support in that department!

Side note I felt like a Spice Girl with my hair like that, so I did a Spice Girl pose!

Favorite Pieces!

My favorite items include the Paloma top, their Compressive leggings, and their bike shorts. I wear these for work outs but also just for a cute outfit.

Click the items below to shop:

1. Paloma top: the perfect amount of coverage with the perfect amount of support! I also love this is a crop top so I feel comfortable wearing it on it's own.

2. Bike Shorts: I mean who doesn't love a bike short?! These are high rise and adorable for a cute outfit or for working out!

3. Compressive leggings: High rise, super cute, and come in great colors!

Make sure you check out Girlfriend Collective soon and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading!


Amanda B.

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