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Hi! Welcome! I am Amanda B. and I'm so excited you are here! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself! I started the Instagram account @sincerelyamandab a few months ago and I have been working on this blog for the past few weeks. I am excited to say I'm finally ready to hit PUBLISH! I am by no means done and as I learn I hope to enhance this site, but I simply couldn't wait any longer!

ABOUT ME: My 9 to 5 job is working in public accounting in the audit practice. I love my job and have worked hard to get to where I am today! My boyfriend and I moved to Denver, Colorado a few years ago. We are both from Chicago originally. We have a dog, Jordan, who we truly treat as our child. My passions include: fashion, shoes, working out, skin care products, and dogs!

THIS BLOG: Fashion has always been my passion however I chose not to pursue it as a career in college. While I love my job and career I have always felt like there was a little piece still missing, a little creative outlet I was not tapping into with my career. I am hoping to use this platform to tap into that creative side and share outfit ideas! Not just any outfit ideas though, they will be focused around WORK ATTIRE. The great thing about my job is that I do so many different things, so I wear so many different outfits: jeans, business casual, business professional, and work from home comfy looks. So I have all those different clothes and outfits, and I want to share those with everyone.

On this blog we will also talk about things happening in the FASHION INDUSTRY. This can include topics like sustainability, fashion trends, and designers. I love reading and learning about all those things, so I am excited to share with you what I learn!

The lifestyle part of this blog will be focused more on career and working lifestyles. I will share things like my favorite planners, quick beauty routines and products, and quick easy meals. I hope this is a place for working people to come together and learn and share ideas of how to CONQUER the day and ACHIEVE career goals!

So welcome to this place of LEARNING, INSPIRING, and SHARING.


Amanda B.

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